Trailers of The Week: Sleeping With Other People, The Martian, and More

Editors Note: Welcome to the new Trailers of the Week column. Each week, I, along with a friend who loves movies as much as I do, will break down trailers for the upcoming release season. This week, Nick Younger reacts with me to Sleeping With Other People, The Martian, Legend, Spectre, and Trainwreck in:

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Sleeping with Other People
Release Date: 9/11/2015

Aditya Joshi: Always, literally always in on Alison Brie. Love her in Community, watched half of Get Hard just to see her be seductive, and was ecstatic when she popped up as Pete’s wife in Mad Men. I even loved her in 5 Year Engagement. 5 Year Engagement!!

Like many romantic comedies since 1990, we’re looking at When Harry Met Sally, with a twist – the film will always live and die with the twist and the chemistry of the leads. Our boy Jason Sudekis and my future wife Alison are almost perpetually likable, so I have no doubt that this will be my 2nd favorite rom-com of the year (See below). This would probably flounder with like, Ryan Reynolds and Katherine Heigl, bless their hearts. Sudekis is like college buddy good looking, not intimidating good looking. He’ll make me feel like I could be a sex addict who took Alison Brie’s virginity. Plus, Rafi from The League is the voice of reason? I’m all in, Nick!

Nick Younger: Jason Sudeikis returns looking hairer, and more rugged than ever. Our boy JS is running HOT off of SNL (is he still on SNL?) whatever, he is actually doing pretty good for someone not on SNL anymore. Looking at you Norm MacDonald/Andy Samberg/Brooks Whelan/Dana Carvey. And of course Alison Brie brings that weirdly sexual/non-sexual atmosphere to anything she’s in. Have you guys seen that movie where she bites a dude’s dick off with her love shack? SAVAGE! ANYWAYS, Jason Sudeikis once again tries his best to be the rude off-kilter DILF in everything he’s in now, and I fucking love it. He brings a certain natural ease to every quip in this trailer, and Brie rocks off of them flawlessly. A good supporting cast with Jason Mantzoukas (Rafi from the League) and apparently Adam Scott are going to boost this bad boy. I have high hopes that “Sleeping with Other People” will be a legitimate rom-com that non-rom-commers will actually enjoy.

The Martian:
Release date: 10/2/2015

AJ: Ridley Scott does Interstellar? Jessica Chastain is literally playing the exact same role as in Christopher Nolan’s hit. Like, literally. That said, I think I’ve reconfirmed my desire to be Matt Damon when I grow up. It’s broken my heart that he’s been making movies like We Bought a Zoo and Promised Land (though I watch Promised Land on every international flight) instead of the dope movies like Bourne and Good Will Hunting that made me declare in 2008 that Matt Damon would forever be my favorite actor. Even in Interstellar his character was unlikable School Ties Damon, not The Departed unlikable Matt Damon. It looks like we’re at peak, survivalist Matt Damon here though, which I’m uber excited about. This trailer is all Matt monologues, which I love. Plus, Kristen Wiig and Donald Glover in supporting roles? GAMBINO AND GILLY TRYING TO HELP THE NEW INVISIBLE WOMAN AND THE LADY FROM ZERO DARK THIRTY NAVIGATE SPACE TO SAVE JASON BOURNE??!!! Talk about my film wet dream. V excited to watch him science the shit out of this.

NY: I love the beginning of this where it’s just the worried headshots of every famous person in Hollywood, and Donald Glover (who is an excellent choice for astrodynamicist [not a real job] Rich Purnell). A solid cast is behind The Martian, and it looks GOOOOOD. I cannot wait for 2 and a half hours of Matt Damon being a dick into a webcam. Americans are really into space, and really into space disaster; it’s a new oddly specific niche genre. Take hint movie makers: if you aren’t sure how to make a good trailer just add opera and loud drums and you’re probably set (Mad Max, every Star Wars fight scene, Godzilla). That final look with Jeff Daniels is so good, he’s like “shit nobody will want to go to space anymore, I fucked up, I really fucked up, Matt Damon is dead.” The Martian oozes with cinematic gold; ensemble cast, great effects, Ridley Scott, solid source material.

Release Date: 10/2/2015

NY: TWO TOM HARDY’S, DOUBLE THE OSCARS. This trailer is much different from the teaser, where we just see Tom Hardy do his best scary gangster routine in double time to Roy Orbinson’s “Running Scared” . This trailer is a little funnier, and we get some more plot development (which lowkey sucks for a trailer). But, Hardy does what he does best: look scary, and speak in a nigh unintelligible voice while beating the shit out of smaller extras. This is kind of a trend in his movies with Mad Max, Bane, Bronson all being weird and mumbly . Bout’ time we got another good British crime film, and thank god we get scenes of Tom Hardy fighting himself. I get a weird Of Mice and Men vibe from this trailer though, and surprised they didn’t use “Ni**as in Paris” or I guess that would have been too easy of a joke to make. I could hear Hardy say “E’s my bruva” in that ridiculous accent all day.

AJ: WOW. I was not at all sold on the first trailer but I love how glasses Tom Hardy is the stupid one AND he has a fatter face and doesn’t wear smoking jackets. I agree on the Mice and Men thing, though it’s kinda odd that Lenny and Carl look the same. I’m super ready for this movie, only because it promises a proper shootout. “Like in a western”

Release Date: 11/6/2015

AJ: If we’re being honest, all I remember from the first 3 Craig-as-Bond movies are D-Craig’s face and the 2 Ms. I honestly remember nothing else… I think I might have watched QoS on my iPod video… But no matter. Even though we don’t see Christoph Waltz’s face in the trailer, we know he’s there, and really that’s all I need to go see this movie. I have no doubt he’s going to be Tier 1A Bond Villain, he’s just too good not to be. Daniel Craig is going to badass blue steel his way through the film in stoic British fashion, as usual. The fact that this movie has enough tight looking scenes to not show Ralph Fiennes and STILL get me to get a little hot and bothered thinking about it is definitely a good sign. Are you too, a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Younger?

NY: Someone said to me that every single frame of this trailer could be a painting, and I 100% agree. Craig is slowly solidifying himself as a top tier Jimmy B (we don’t talk about QoS). Side note: thought the quote was “You’re just a cunt, dancing in a hurricane.” I was wrong, but still a poetic line from meth-addict John Hurt. The tension in this trailer is equal to the tension in my pants from the blood rushing to my cinema erection, that slow swell into the pindrop James Bond theme is unreal. Chrisoph Waltz’s voice just slithers its way into your ears with an unsettling ease. He should stay silhouetted throughout the entire film. I’m giddy watching this trailer, every movie trailer should take notes. No real indication of plot, but all the hype.

Also SPECTRE is an acronym for Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion. Which also stands for “We are the bad guys, in case you were wondering.” The alternate title they were going for was Every Villain Is Lemons: E.V.I.L.

Release Date: 7/17/2015

NY: Not sure how I feel about Amy Schumer being Amy Schumer in this movie, but she does play the part well. And I am liking the new twist where the schlubby girl gets the well-to-do guy, demolish traditional gender roles (with an obligatory Fuck You Judd Apatow). John Cena is in this movie so this might win Best Picture, calling it now. “I look like Mark Wahlberg ate Mark Wahlberg” is going on the AMI Top 100 quotes of all time. More athletes in this with Lebron showing his acting chops, try Space Jam 2 for your big reveal, King James.

“‘I had like two drinks, three max, four now that I’m tallying’ ‘Because you’re anti-biotics on something?’” Vanessa Bayer hitting a little too close to home. Too real ya’ll too real. After Hader’s performance in the Skeleton Twins, I have high hopes for this movie. But it could be a……….TRAINWRECK lolololol. No, but this movie does look solid. I’m very excited for Lebron to quit basketball and become a full-fledged movie star. Star Wars 8: The King Returns: First Miami, now Coruscant. He just dunks on Ewoks all movie.

AJ: This movie has a lot of hype attached to it, and I’m hoping that it comes in as the best rom-com of the year. I’ve watched this trailer like 15 times and I want you to come to New York and watch it with me in the back of a theatre. We won’t even kiss (NY:that much). That’s how into it I am.

On the real though Nick, I actually think you’re going to love this movie. When I met you, you were the king of “Monogamy isn’t realistic”, even schtuping girls that looked like Amy Schumer on more than one occasion… But now you’re Bill Hader, and you turn to your lovable, sometimes villainous buddy Lebron (me, in this case), for advice about your girl problems. Unfortunately for us, nobody in our lives is as charismatic and perfect as Bill Hader is in this trailer. His creepy eyebrows and Dracula smile are even super charming. Bill Hader is love, Bill Hader is life. Bill Hader can do no wrong. Something to aspire to, Señor Younger.

NY: I’d fuck Amy Schumer.

AJ: I know you would, buddy.


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