Letter from the Editor: Our New Logo, a Massive Thank You, and The State of the Site (Kinda),

Well. I’m flabbergasted. For once in my life I’m actually lost for words. Not really, of course, because I’m probably about to write around 1000, but I promise that my thoughts will be gracious and concise.

It’s been exactly two months since Matt and I decided to start up a WordPress blog. I was in Singapore, highly medicated from the removal of my wisdom teeth, and so I created a shitty little logo on an online logo creator and wrote a little introductory post. This site was originally created so that I could get Matt to gain some confidence in his ability to write about sports; I think we can all agree that he’s exceeded expectations. Matt’s analyses are some of the best I’ve read in 10 years of devouring sportswriting – I think we’ve got a future Zach Lowe on our hands.

Anyway, to get it started, Matt wrote about Doc Rivers and I did what I did best: Rankings. The Game of Thrones Power Rankings were kind of just a way for me to let out my feelings about the anguish I felt watching characters die left and right every week, and so I sent them to a small GroupMe I’m in about the show. Matt, similarly, had gotten good feedback on his piece in the fraternity basketball GroupMe. “Okay”, we thought, “maybe we should write a little more”. And 30 posts, 3500 views, and close friends becoming contributors later, here we are.

Even if our current readership is as far as we go, Matt and I have already exceeded our wildest expectations for the site. To be getting texts from friends and family members complimenting our writing and asking to write for the site after a few weeks was exciting enough – that they actually did and showed interest in continuing to help out was absolutely thrilling. Writing about sports, film, television and (as of later this week) music isn’t something that is particularly deep or meaningful, but in writing about the escapist entertainment that we as young adults live for allows us to explore a more creative side. Looking over our staff, we have 3 Economics majors, 2 Public Policy majors, 1 Stats major, an engineer, an aspiring doctor, and a compsci legend. This is not a group of kids that gets to write a whole lot of fun pieces, or needs to for their future career aspirations. The fact that they took the time to write up long, intricate, and often very thoughtful pieces for a small blog that is as rudimental as ours astounds me. Special thanks to everyone who has written, is currently writing, or has copy edited for our site. You’re the reason it’s so goddamn fun to do.

If you’re still reading at this point, you’re probably my mom or in ATO so the following is probably unnecessary. But for those of you who, for whatever reason, enjoy reading what may as well be a transcription of me speaking, it’s important to know that in about a month, 80% of our staff will go abroad. That means, instead of operating from Chicago, Philly, and New York, we’ll be operating from Auckland, London, and Instanbul. It is my hope that we continue to find time to write interesting pieces (even if nobody ends up reading them). But I hope even more that some of you reading join us and write or edit for Tautonomy. If we expand, I’ll be less able to do most of the editing myself, and that, while a risk for me, is one that will surely pay off in boatloads. So, to commemorate our 2 month anniversary, and to provide hope for many more, I’d like to introduce the official Tautonomy Logo. A huge thanks to Chris Hubbard for working on this with me, her enthusiasm was more than a little touching. – AJ

Tautonomy T

P.S. Only 650! I told you I’d be concise.


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