Hi guys.

So, this is another one of those not a review, not a preview, not really anything posts. We’ve never really done a eulogy here, but this is a special occasion. No no, nobody famous died. Nobody who we know died. But a website died.

Today, ESPN decided that it was going to immediately shutdown, asserting that it “was getting out of the business of pop culture”. Beyond the politics or business implications of it (that you can read about here, here, and all over twitter), shutting down Grantland will cause ripples all throughout the country. Not just for sports junkies and film buffs, but for all of us.

Grantland has been (for better or worse) my major source of reading material for almost 4 years. A lot of the kids I go to school with often say that, while they don’t have time to read full books amidst the hectic nature of college, they do find half an hour to read long form articles on Grantland. While it may not have been a textbook, the journalistic quality was top notch. Beyond that, I think I speak for everyone who has ever written for Tautonomy when I say that without Grantland, we wouldn’t have written at all. The GOT Power Rankings, for the NBA Layup Lines, for basically the entire site we set up this summer was modeled after Grantland. Without Grantland, I’d be missing a major part of my life, and I probably would never have discovered one of my greatest passions. I wouldn’t have written this, Vandy would never have gotten offers from other sports blogs to write about the NBA, and Basil certainly wouldn’t have gotten 500 views on a rant about DeAndre Jordan. It was a great place filled with unbelievable talent, and it will be missed. S for all of us at (as we affectionately call ourselves) Amateur Grantland, so long Andy Greenwald, Rembert Browne, Shea Serrano, Zach Lowe, and every journalist that inspired us to start this site. We’ll try to find you on the interwebs, but in the mean time you will be missed.


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