GBL Podcast Episode 1: Sloan Sports Analytics Conference Wrap Up

Welcome to the first episode of the Get Buckets Lifestyle podcast on the Tautonomy Podcast Network. Aditya Joshi and Matt Van Liedekerke discussed the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, which took place in Boston this past weekend. In particular, they talked about Matt’s biggest fanboy moment from the weekend (4:10), a research paper that used SportVU tracking data to map NBA offense (4:50), the conference hackathon (8:50), a research paper on “ghosting” optimal defensive positioning in Soccer (13:50), the difficulty of predicting the performance of professional athletes, including discussion of the Sloan panel with Billy Bean, Daryl Morey, Farhan Zaidi, and Sam Hinkie (16:50), and Matt’s NBA player projection model (20:20).


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